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voting for president

Guest Fran

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At our last meeting, a nomination for 1st year president was presented and we asked the member if she accepted, which she did. We didn't hold a vote because no one else volunteered or nominated another member. A little while later, another 1st year  nomination was presented. So we held a vote and the second nominee won. Now, a PTO member (neither candidate,) states that the vote is void because the first nominee accepted the position and that the position is rightfully hers. We're not sure how to handle this!

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Guest Fran, in addition to the questions asked by Chris Harrison, please tell us whether, at the last meeting, the chair declared the first nominee elected. If the chair never declared the person elected, was it the sense of the body that she was the new president?

A little more detail as to exactly what transpired would be helpful.

Edited to add: you stated in your first sentence that the first candidate was nominated at your last meeting. But, you apparently have had another meeting since then at which the second person was nominated and then elected. Is it true that the first candidate was nominated two meetings ago and the second candidate at your last meeting? I'm confused.

One more question: When do your bylaws say the election shall take place? At the first meeting you talked about or at the second one? Or at some other time?

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