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11 minutes ago, Shari Nelson said:

For my upcoming board meeting, my Board President, Vice President and Secretary are not able to attend.  Can my Board Treasurer preside over the meeting?

Not automatically. Any member may call the meeting to order and the members should proceed to elect a President pro tem.  

After that's done, a secretary pro tem should be elected.

The only order of succession is the President and VP in your case.  The Secretary, even if present, would not automatically preside.

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Agreeing with George Mervosh, the election (selection) of a president pro tem is usually done by unanimous consent.  Whoever calls the meeting to order can state that both the president and vice president are absent and then ask, "Is there any objection to Jonathan Coolhead serving as president pro-tem for  this meeting?  Hearing no objection, Mr. Coolhead is elected to serve as president pro tem for this meeting."

Or someone from the membership can nominate someone who then is elected either by unanimous consent or by an actual vote if there is an objection or more than one nominee.

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