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Continuing Resolution vs Resolution

David Soine

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Good afternoon, 

Our organization made a "continuing resolution" 9-10 years ago, which to be clear,  was poorly presented.  Our constitution states clearly that a continuing resolution needs to be re-enacted every three years to remain in force.   The continuing resolution has never been revisited in any meeting since and it is now July 2019.  As far as I am concerned that resolution no longer exists.  If there are exceptions to this - please advise.  

However, for some add reason the term "resolution" is not defined in our constitution but mentioned in some paragraphs.   Does a "resolution" by some default definition that I am not aware, exist until someone decides to change it?  Is there some reference in RR's to define the length of service of a resolution and the recording of the resolution for reference in the future?  

Thank you


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RONR doesn't include (or define) the concept of a "continuing resolution" other than to note that ANY adopted resolution remains in effect until it is in some sense exhausted, or formally rescinded.  Looks like your bylaws have taken care of the rescinding for you, some 6 years ago, and I trust your bylaws define how your "continuing resolution" differs from any old resolution. 

And rest easy, a "resolution" is a standard term in RONR  --  it is no more that a plain old motion dressed up in fancy clothes  --  see page 105.

Any adopted motion/resolution should be recorded in the minutes of the meeting in which it was adopted for future reference.

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There is no such thing as a "continuing resolution" in RONR-land. There are motions and resolutions. Apparently your organization has custom rules that limit the effectiveness of motions. If this is true, then I would agree that any motion or resolution adopted in the past beyond its date is now defunct. However, this is a decision your organization will have to make. Raise a Point Of Order about this and if the chairman rules in favor then all is well. If he rules against your Point Of Order be prepared to raise an Appeal and get a friend to second that motion.

Resolutions are mentioned in RONR as being formal motions that begin with the words "Resolved, That ..." followed by whatever is being desired to be accomplished. In some cases resolutions contain a preamble that sets forth the reason for its enactment.

43 minutes ago, David Soine said:

Is there some reference in RR's to define the length of service of a resolution...

All motions or resolutions have continuing effect until amended or rescinded, unless they contain an expiration date or, in your case, some higher rule limits their time frame.


3) Apart from a motion to Rescind or to Amend Something Previously Adopted (35), no main motion is in order that conflicts with a motion previously adopted at any time and still in force.* [*Unless an adopted main motion specifies a time for the termination of its effect, it continues in force until it is rescinded.]

RONR 11th edition page 111.

45 minutes ago, David Soine said:

...and the recording of the resolution for reference in the future?  

We would expect any motion or resolution to be properly recorded in the minutes and whether it was adopted or rejected.

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