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Non members allowed to speak

Guest Matthew

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4 hours ago, Guest Matthew said:

Is it true that a nonmember can speak but not vote

It is true that a non-member cannot vote under any circumstances.

But neither does a non-member have any right to speak, or for that matter even to attend, a meeting.

If the rules in RONR apply, non-members may be allowed to attend, with or without permission to speak, by majority vote of the body that is meeting, as long as speaking does not constitute debating on a motion.  In order to participate in debate, it would take a 2/3 vote to suspend the rule against non-members speaking in debate.

In some organizations, general members are granted the right to attend board meetings, or to be heard, but such rules would be found in the bylaws or regulations that apply to those types of organizations, for example, school boards, municipal councils, or homeowners associations.  

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