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Chair Adjourning Meeting

Guest John

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First Question: If a motion to adjourn is made by a member and is seconded, can the Chair refuse bring the motion to adjourn before the assembly?  

  • Per RONR pg. 241 Lines 28-29 it appears the motion is privileged and therefore undebatable, so the Chair must bring put the question to adjourn to the assembly?  Is that correct? 

The first question is posed as during a meeting a motion was made to adjourn by a member and seconded and the assembly voted to adjourn before any business was discussed (which was really the only reason for the meeting).  It appears that Chair and some others did not want to discuss (or eventually vote on the issues on the agenda). 

Second Question: Can a motion to adjourn be bought at anytime during a meeting even if the business of that meeting has been discussed and brought before the assembly? 

If there are specific sections in RONR that address these issues could you please respond with where I can find the guidance.

Thanks to all for the input!

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