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Nominations from the floor


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When candidates are running from the floor for an elected office or position, should requirements be the same as those candidates not running from the floor.

This is a discussion our Bylaws committee is having . The organization’s bylaws now read that candidates running from the floor have to get 15 signatures from various other chapters Presidents within a 4 hour time frame, in addition to filling out a Nomination package that all candidates submit.

There is a proposed amendment by the Nominating Committee that wants to amend that bylaw  by striking out the signature requirement, rational being  running for office should be a fair process whether you run from the floor or submit your nomination package in advance.   

The Bylaw Committee wants to reject that amendment from being presented for vote; their rationale being that it should be  harder for those candidates running from the floor, and members wait to see who’s running then decide to run for an office/position.  (penalize them for not committing sooner to run for an  office sooner )

Does Roberts Rules address this in any way? 

Thank you!

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1 hour ago, J. J. said:

Your rules supersede those in RONR.  


Well, yes, but they're talking about changing their rules.

In the first place the Bylaws Committee should not have the power to kill the amendment.  Committees return matters referred to them, in the original form, along with recommendations for approval, with or without additions, deletions, or other changes, or, in this case a recommendation that the amendment be rejected.  They don't have the power to remove the membership's right to consider an amendment because they don't like it. They report to the membership, they don't rule the membership. 

RONR does indeed address the issue of floor nominations.  If the rules in RONR apply, after the Nominating Committee presents its report to the membership, the chair must open nominations from the floor, for each office in the order that they are listed in the bylaws.

The process for that is simple, The chair announces, "Nominations are open for the office of President"

A member calls out, "I nominate Alan Smithee."

The chair responds, "Alan Smithee is nominated. Are there further nominations for the office of President?"

And so on.

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Well, if you wanted to ensure that everyone goes through the same process, your bylaws could eliminate floor nominations all together.

I mention this to underscore the point that your bylaws can vary  completely from RONR if the association wishes.


Please note that the bylaws committee could not recommend that as an amendment to this proposed bylaws amendment. It would need to be a separate proposal.

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