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Members rights to correspondence

Guest Colleen Allen Grady

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3 hours ago, Guest Colleen Allen Grady said:

Is there a place in RRO that states that members have the right to review club correspondence?


See pages 459 and 460.  It doesn't refer specifically to correspondence, but says the secretary shall make the minutes and records available for inspection by members upon request. 

From page 459:  "To make the minutes and records available to members upon request (see p. 460, ll. 13–17)."

From page 460:  "Records of the Secretary. When written reports are received from boards or committees, the secretary should record on them the date they were received and what further action was taken on them, and preserve them among his records. It is not necessary for an assembly to vote that a board or committee report be "placed on file," as that should be done without a vote.

Any member has a right to examine these reports and the record book(s) referred to on page 459, lines 13–16, including the minutes of an executive session, at a reasonable time and place, but this privilege must not be abused to the annoyance of the secretary. The same principle applies to records kept by boards and committees, these being accessible to members of the boards or committees but to no others (but see p. 487, ll. 13–20). When a committee requires certain records for the proper performance of its duties, the secretary should turn them over to the committee chairman—after consulting with the president in any cases where he or she is in doubt. The corporation law of each state frequently provides for the availability of records of any group incorporated in that state. "

If your organization is incorporated, pay particular attention to the last sentence of the quote immediately above. 

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