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Voting via email

Guest Pam Clanton

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On 8/5/2019 at 10:26 AM, Guest Pam Clanton said:

Can recommendation be sent to members of a organization via email for voting on taking funds out to the to pay for a deposit for an event.  If so,  is 2/3 votes required of all financial members on the roster. 

Recommendations can be sent to members by email, but voting can only occur at a meeting, by members who are present.

RONR, for such matters, does not require a vote threshold above a majority of those present and voting..  

I don't understand what a "financial member" is, or why "on the roster" would be significant in this context.

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The basic principle of decision in a deliberative assembly is that, to become the act or choice of the body, a proposition must be adopted by a majority vote; that is, direct approval -- implying assumption of responsibility for the act -- must be registered by more than half of the members present and voting on the particular matter, in a regular or properly called meeting of the body (see also pp. 400-401).

RONR 11th edition, page 4 lines 3-9.

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