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Guest Sheri

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I am the VP on a small HOA Board of Directors.  We function under Informal Procedure. My question is, when the President prepares an agenda and sends it, via email, to the board members for approval, is it within the President's purview to reject an item that has been added or removed. Reviewing RONR it seems that is an arbitrary action by the President and is inappropriate. If I am understanding correctly the President "proposes an agenda", but does not "set the agenda". The board members, as a whole, amend and/or adopt a proposed agenda. Meaning all board members are to approve an agenda before the agenda becomes binding. Also, if an agenda is approved by a majority of board members is the agenda binding or must all board members approve an agenda before the agenda is binding?

The explanation for sending a proposed agenda to board members via e-mail is, in accordance with Texas Law,  the agenda for each HOA board meeting is to be posted in the community 4 days prior to a board meeting.   

Thank you.


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I don't think  I can add to Mr. Harrison's advice. The fact that this is a homeowner association bound by state laws regarding its meetings and agendas makes it more complicated.   You really need to check with an attorney who can advise you on the proper agenda procedures per your state law.  Your understanding of the way the preparation and adoption of an agenda should work per RONR is correct.  When following the procedure in RONR, the agenda is adopted by a majority vote of the members present and voting.  To amend the agenda after it has been adopted, under the rules in RONR, requires a two thirds vote (or unanimous consent).  

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