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Did church give required 30 day notice for bylaw vote?

Guest churchmember

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Last year, our church elected a bylaw committee to revise our bylaws.

The vote failed several months ago.

At our July 14 meeting the committee announced it would like to have a discussion session 

for our members to present comments and ask questions.

At the August 11  meeting, we discussed the  bylaw revision.  A member moved we vote on the revision.

I asked if we could vote today because a 30 day notice must be given for a bylaw vote.  A bylaw committee member

said we have been talking about this for 6 months and we needed to vote. He ask the moderator and the moderator agreed we could vote.

The bylaws were approved.

Did a 30 day notice begin when there was a motion to vote or at an earlier date?

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Notice of a discussion session is not notice of a meeting, let alone of a specific motion. A failed motion may be renewed, but if it required notice the first time, it requires notice the second time. Thus, it seems to me that voting was improper. I also think it forms a continuing breach and may be challenged at any time.

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