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Tabling a Point of Order

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(For debatable appeals)

  • When a debatable appeal does not adhere to pending question(s) -- that is, when the decision on it would in no way affect pending question(s) -- such a debatable appeal can have any of the subsidiary motions applied to it except Postpone Indefinitely and Amend.
  • But when a debatable appeal adheres to pending question(s) -- as in the case of an appeal from a ruling that an amendment is not germane -- the subsidiary motions, except the motions affecting debate, cannot be applied to the appeal alone. However, they can be applied to the main question, and if the latter is committed, postponed, or laid on the table, the appeal goes with this main question.

In the case of undebatable appeals:

  • When an undebatable appeal does not adhere to pending question(s), no subsidiary motion can be applied to it; however,
  • When an undebatable appeal adheres to pending question(s), no subsidiary motion can be applied to it alone; but the main question can be laid on the table, and the appeal then goes to the table with the main question and all adhering motions.


RONR 11th edition, page 257.


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6 hours ago, Jill Coert said:

Is there any situation where a point of order that has been appealed can be tabled until the next meeting to give the group who will be voting time to research it?

No, but it can be postponed to the next meeting. See FAQ #12. The motion to postpone is debatable and amendable and requires a majority vote for adoption.

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The more complete answer to the question whether the subsidiary motion, Postpone to a Certain Time, can be applied when the incidental motion, Appeal, is immediately pending is found in RONR (11th ed.), pp. 256, 257. The correct answer depends on whether the appeal is debatable and whether the appeal adheres to another pending question or questions. I'm afraid that the correct answer in your situation cannot be definitively given on the basis of the facts that you have provided.

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