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Guest Jacob

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My organization has problems with people using personal stories to attack members? Are there any limits of personal stories in Roberts Rules? So while we can punish the member for violating decorum, the member then objected to another member saying personal stories are not allowed. Is this just a fundamental misunderstanding where we told the member he can’t use personal stories, to call out certain people and attack them or was he correct in we can't use personal-non attack stories or background? 

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7 hours ago, Chris Harrison said:

If a member violates decorum then call the member to order.  There is nothing in RONR prohibiting the use of personal stories (and anyone making the claim that it is should be asked to provide evidence of this claim).

Well, there are rules requiring that debate be germane to the pending question.  Unless these personal stories are really germane rather than purely personal. they should not be permitted.

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