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bringing an item "back" that was postponed definitely


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19 minutes ago, Cuibono said:

Hi- I was wondering if a motion was postponed until a guest speaker arrives at the meeting, how would we bring that back up after proceeding to other items of business in the interim? 

“The effect of postponing a question to a specified hour or until after a particular event in a meeting (making it a general order for that hour) is: (1) to ensure that the question cannot come up before the predetermined time except by a two-thirds vote or through a reconsideration of the postponement; and (2) to provide that it will come up at the time named, or later, depending on certain circumstances. Such an order of the day cannot interrupt pending questions, and (except by a two-thirds vote) it cannot come up before general orders have been reached in the order of business, even if the time named has arrived or passed; but it is automatically taken up at the time named or as soon thereafter as general orders have been reached and any of the following matters, all of which have precedence over it, have been disposed of: (1) a question pending at the time named; (2) a special order for a particular hour that comes into conflict; (3) a motion to Reconsider that is called up (37); or (4) any other general order made before it was made, unless such other general order was set for a time that has not yet arrived.” (RONR, 11th ed., pgs. 186-187)

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