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Error in approved minutes

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I agree with Mr. Elsman about the correct motion to use. But I can't help wondering whether the minutes should be amended. If the name of the city wasn't part of a motion, why was it in the minutes in the first place?

Was it, for example, part of an officer or committee report? If so, and if the name in the minutes is the name that was in the report, then the report may have been in error but the minutes are not. The proper action in that event would be for a corrected report to be presented at the next meeting. (It's questionable whether the report should have been included at all, as the circumstances in which an oral report is proper are somewhat limited. And if it was a written report, it definitely should not have been included.)

It's also possible that the city name was part of an announcement, which normally is not not included in the minutes. But if your group does includes announcements, the same principle applies as with a report. If the minutes accurately reflect what was said in the announcement, then they should not be amended. Instead, a new announcement with the correct information should be made.

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1 hour ago, Rob Elsman said:

I agree with Mr. Merritt.  All this can be thrashed out in debate if the motion is made.  

If nothing was said about the city, wouldn't it follow that another option is a point of order that inclusion of the city is commentary or what was said as opposed to what was done?

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