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Nominating Committee's Private Meeting

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Our nominating committee was having a private meeting to elect a new board and The VP who was not a part of the nominating committee conveniently showed up and took part in the meeting. This seems unethical to me as she wasn't a part of the committee that was nominated and approved by our body.  I cannot find any reference to rules about this kind of behavior in our bylaws. However, our organization follows RONR where our bylaws are not specific. I have ordered a copy of RONR 11th as I am new to this. I am wondering if I'm following a rabbits trail here. 

Thank you in advance for any advice. Beth

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The committee can allow others to be present but do not have to allow it.

"During actual deliberations of the committee, only committee members have the right to be present." (RONR 11th ed., p. 501, lines 12-13)

The committee or the chair alone could have required the VP to leave.

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