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New Forum Software Version on Elderly Devices

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I have an elderly iPad that isn't doing well with the new software version.  The problem has to do with input fields:

1) I am unable to place the cursor in the Reply to Topic input field; and

2) The input field for the text of a new topic (i.e. this very field) appears as little more than just a line with no height to place the cursor.

Newer devices do not suffer from these problems.

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Thank you, Shmuel, for your interest.

Apple iPad Model Code:  MF432LL/A

Apple IOS Version:  9.3.5 (13G36)

Apple Safari Brower Version is the same as the IOS version:  9.3.5.

In addition to the above-mentioned problems, please be aware that I am not able to open the pull-down menu that has a button at the top right-hand part of the screen.

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