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History:  Our non-profit group held their AGM recently.  The secretary had sent out AGM minutes from the previous year (2020) as mandated but sent them as a Rev.1.  The reason for this was the out-going secretary in 2020 had sent out the minutes to the incoming board a few days after the 2020 AGM, in Feb 2020.  The current secretary noticed there was an error on those Feb 2020 version, revised them, and sent out the revised copy, indicating they were revised by adding Rev 1 to the title, to be adopted at the 2021 AGM.  

Question:  Was the current secretary in error by sending out AGM Minutes of Feb 2020 (Rev. 1) as the minutes to be adopted or should she have used the minutes that were sent out by the former secretary?

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The entire process described is not the procedure according to RONR.  At an annual meeting of the members, the members should authorize the board or appoint a committee to approve the minutes.  Those approved minutes should be sent out to the next year's gathering.  Even though those approved minutes are not normally read, the members will still have an opportunity to offer an amendment if there is any material error in the approved minutes.  See RONR (12th ed.) 48:12 and 48:15.

But since that wasn't done I don't see anything wrong with the current Secretary submitting her draft for approval.

Follow RONR's procedure this year and these questions won't arise.  


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