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Voting vs Quorum requirements

Guest James Tootle

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In our meeting tonight, we had 6 of 9 members present. Five members are required for quorum. During a vote on a particular motion, two of the six members present had to abstain due to a potential conflict of Interest. Only four members voted due to the abstentions. Is that an issue, since a quorum of five is required to conduct a meeting?

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Guest James, is this a public body of some sort, such as a city Council or school board? If so, there are quite likely state laws or a city charter which might require that a majority of the entire membership of the council must agree in order to adopt an ordinance or resolution. However, as Dr. Kapur pointed out, under the rules in RONR that is not a factor and as long as a quorum is present and there are more yes votes the no votes, the motion passes.  A little more information as to the nature of this organization might be helpful.

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