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Standing rules v. Robert's Rules

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Do standing rules overrule Robert's? Such as: if you have new business and the Association requires New Business to be submitted a week before. However, New Business can be brought on the floor? Can new business only be brought by submitting New business weeks before the meeting? 

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Just now, Joshua Katz said:

Your organization's rules of order will take precedence over RONR. Your standing rules will not. The type of thing you are discussing here is a rule of order, and would govern over RONR.

Rules of Order. By laws? I don't Think we have rules of order? We have standing rules, by laws and Roberts.

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Your organization may not call them rules of order, but it has some rules (such as the one you mentioned) that are about the conduct of rules in meetings, so they are rules of order. Here are the sorts of rules, ranked by precedence (you may, of course, not have all of these):

Applicable procedural laws

Corporate charter/article of incorporation


Special rules of order (that is, rules of order adopted by your organization)

Rules of order (Robert's goes here if your organization has adopted it)

Standing rules

It sounds like it may be the case that what your organization calls standing rules are, in effect, special rules of order. Do they all pertain to the conduct of business in meetings?

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Well, interpreting your rules themselves is a different issue, and one only your organization can do, but we may be able to give advice if you can give us the exact language of the rule in question. 

But, if the rules do provide that, then yes. Presumably, at some point your organization decided that was a good idea. If it's no longer working, the organization could amend the rules.

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