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Valid Nomiations after COVID change?

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Guest nayeli

A vacancy of on the executive body became available, and our bylaws state that in order to be nominated to the executive, a member must have been a member for a minimum of six months. However, elections to the full body membership had been postponed due to covid, which meant only 5 members out of 40 would meet this requirement to be nominated. The remaining executive body members discussed it and agreed to waive the six month requirement due to the circumstances, and made it into a four month requirement, they informed the full body of the decision, gave notice for nominations and nominations were held at the next full body meeting. At the full body meeting, no one objected to the waiver of the requirement, and six people were nominated. Elections were scheduled for the next full body meeting in one month. 

1) Were the nominations valid?
2) Was the executive body within its authority to waive the six month membership requirement?
3) Can objections to this temporary waiver be made now, or should they have been made during the nominations?

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