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Roberts rules is a great set of rules for preventing lone dissenters from having their objections registered. A five person HOA board with a lone dissenter can effectively neutralize the impact the person can have on the proceedings. They can not even put a motion in place because ...... no seconds. Even worse when only the minimum quorum - 3 people - is present. Reminds me of two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner.

Should the seconds rule be relaxed in such small environments? The insistence on following the seconds rule under these conditions seem very superficial.

You don't need seconds if your quorum is 5 or less would probably make sense.


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See 49:21 Procedure in Small Boards


In a board meeting where there are not more than about a dozen members present, some of the formality that is necessary in a large assembly would hinder business. The rules governing such meetings are different from the rules that hold in other assemblies, in the following respects:
. . . 
2) Motions need not be seconded.


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