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Removal of President not following RONR

Guest partcake

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1 hour ago, Guest partcake said:

A new president of our Board is not following any rules except his own.  Many Board members are resigning because of his behavior.

Is there a question here somewhere? Without anything more specific, my advice would be the same as that of Mr. Elsman: study chapter xx of RONR, the chapter on discipline. In the 11th edition it is 62 or 63 pages. The page count in the 12th edition is probably about the same. You might also look at question and answer # 20 in the frequently asked questions on the main website for starters. Scroll down to question #20. It’s the last question: https://robertsrules.com/frequently-asked-questions/#faqs

Edited to add: removing the president could be rather easy or could be very difficult, depending primarily on the wording in your bylaws regarding terms of office.

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