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No Board Member Wants President Position

Guest Shantel Ruebling

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On 9/11/2021 at 3:01 PM, Guest Shantel Ruebling said:

A new board has been seated and no one will accept nomination for Presidency. How is this handled?

Well, I think the first step is to ask the person who has agreed to serve as Vice President (if anyone has) to serve as President, since becoming President in the event of a vacancy is the Vice President's primary job.

Failing that, the election must still be held, even without nominations. Write-in votes are in order. Perhaps a person will change their mind in the event the person is actually elected.

Failing that, if the election is ultimately postponed beyond the current meeting, what happens next depends on what the bylaws provide in regard to the term of office for the President. If the bylaws provide that officers serve "until their successors are elected," then the current President will continue to serve until a successor is elected (or until they resign).

Failing that (or if the President gets fed up and resigns), the Vice President becomes President until the election for President can be completed. If you haven't managed to elect a Vice President either (or if they also resign), both vacancies may be filled in the manner specified in the organization's bylaws, and those persons will serve until the election can be completed. In the interim, the Secretary (or any member, if you haven't managed to elect one of those either) would call meetings to order and preside over the election of a Chairman Pro Tempore for that meeting.

See RONR (12th ed.) 46:45.

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