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Changing Intent of a Motion

Erik Lupien

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This question deals with a Resolution adopted by Delegates at the Convention of a Union.

The Convention is the governing body of the Union, meets every 3 years, adopts the budget as a first order of business, then votes on Resolutions as a next order of business, some of which lead to dues increases if they have a cost (a cost Resolution raises dues because budget was already adopted).  A Resolution that is adopted to raise dues specifically says it will raise dues.

After and until the next Convention, authority in the Union falls to the National Board of Directors. The Board is tasked with actioning the Convention Resolutions. And - this is the crux of this question - the Board has access to a fund of money in the Union. The fund was built from many years of dues collected that were not spent. Union calls this a surplus fund.

Assuming none of the business of a Resolution adopted at Convention that asked for a dues increase is done yet, and when the Board meets after Convention, can the Board amend the Resolution adopted by Convention - the other higher body - to not raise dues but pay for the Resolution by taking $ from the surplus fund?

It has been suggested that the Board cannot as this would be changing the intent of the Resolution… I cannot find anything anywhere about this.



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No, the board cannot change a resolution that was adopted by a higher body, or act contrary to the language that was adopted.  

Not only can they not change the intent, they cannot move so much as a comma.  As you say, the board's duty is to carry out the resolutions adopted by the Convention.

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