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Agenda Distribution and Amending


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In my organization's bylaws, our resolutions must be taken up and passed by a committee before it can be taken up for business in our main senate meeting. However tonight's agenda for our senate was distributed with a failed resolution because the committee voted down the resolution right about 30 minutes prior to the main senate meeting.

My question is if the agenda has already been distributed should the agenda be amended during the approval our agenda or should we automatically remove it from the agenda prior to our main senate meeting since the resolution failed in committee.

Thank you

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If your bylaws say that the resolution must be passed by the committee before the senate can consider it, then it has not met that requirement and cannot be considered, whether it was listed on the agenda or not. 

So it's a moot point. What would you do if the motion to amend the agenda failed? You still couldn't consider it.

The chair should indicate that the resolution will not be considered because it does not meet a requirement in the bylaws.

Await at least one post that tells you that under RONR you should not be formally adopting an agenda, anyway. 

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