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Time Limit for How Long Voting Can be Conducted

Guest Tonya

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I am not finding any Robert's Rule of Order guidance of a time frame limit on how long a vote can last. I have been told by our covenant committee that once we start the vote to amend our dedicatory covenant document which requires 2/3rds approval of our total membership that we have up to 365 days to complete the voting process. Where can I find information to either support or disclaim this statement?


Thank you.

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On 9/24/2021 at 4:41 PM, Guest Tonya said:

Thank you. It is not stated in our dedicatory documents. Is there any general guidance or suggestions on this matter when it is not addressed in dedicatory documents? 

Motions relating to the opening and closing of the polls are the purview of the voting body, as long as they do not conflict with a superior rule.

Section 30 of RONR 12th ed., entitled Motions Relating to Methods of Voting and the Polls will be helpful in filling out the details.

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