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On 9/24/2021 at 9:38 AM, Guest Bretk said:

In NJ, can a Planning Board hold meetings with a [quorum] but without an attorney?  

As a former School Board member in NJ, I recall when we hired a new Superintendent whose first recommendation was not to have the attorney present routinely.  The effect on the monthly expenses was salutary.

The thought was that it would be fairly easy to predict when the business scheduled for a particular meeting might benefit from the expertise of the attorney, which proved to be the case.  And he was invited on those occasions. In one case he was asked to phone in during executive session to answer some legal questions.

Whether a similar situation exists in the business of a Planning Board, you would be in a better position to assess than I would.  Is it common that the attorney is called upon for advice during most or all meetings?  I say "called upon" because I had the misfortune of seeing a few meetings of another Board whose attorney was in the habit of speaking during each meeting more than all the actual members combined, without ever being "called upon".  (Some people's purpose in life is to serve as a bad example.)

So, it's a question that might be kicked around among the members.  (You could always ask the attorney, but I think the opinion there might be a little predictable.  One does not ask a barber if one needs a haircut.) 😀

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