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33:13 Musings

Tim Wynn

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While an assembly is considering a request to be excused from a duty, can the member who made the request withdraw it, thereby leaving the assembly with nothing to consider?
a. No, this motion is subject to what is said in 33:13
b. Yes, since he's the one making the request, his withdrawal of the request makes the assembly's consideration irrelevant, tantamount to the consideration of granting permission to read a newspaper article to someone who has stated he wishes to withdraw the request because he forgot to bring the article
(c. C'mon! If he's going to be so wishy-washy as to resign one minute and then unresign the next, the assembly ought to have the ability to decide on his resignation, even if for no other reason than to prevent the wasting of its time)
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On 7/8/2022 at 10:14 AM, Tim Wynn said:

I'm inclined to take his word for it. 🙂

It makes me wonder what Wolfgang Pauli would have thought of this question.

I don't think it is a stupid question at all. And if the answer were choice b, then I don't think choice c would be a valid rebuttal. If someone submits and withdraws too many resignation requests within the time when they can be withdrawn -- whatever that is -- then the remedy is to seek a forced removal from office. 

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