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Resignation from Organization

Frank Gatto

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On 9/28/2022 at 7:35 PM, Frank Gatto said:

If a  person resigned from an organization by letter can that person come back as member within the same year.  Ex paid dues for the years.  Note resignation letter and coming back is several months

If a person has resigned from the organization, and the resignation has, if necessary, been accepted, the person is no longer a member.  Whether the resignation was by letter or any other means does not affect the answer.

There is no rule in RONR that would prevent the person from becoming a member again.  There is no rule against it, and no preference in favor of it.  In other words, the person would have to apply for membership and follow all the rules and requirements that a brand new member would. 

That's what RONR says--if you have any local rules that apply to former members, they would have to be found in your bylaws or other rules, and they would supersede the rules in RONR.


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