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Bylaw breaker running for office

Guest Kim E.

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We have a gentleman who intends to run for office who is breaking several of our Bylaws.  He is being a nuisance to other owners by cold calling to either promote himself or plant seeds of doubt in people's minds about our STVR Manager.  He is breaking our STVR Bylaws, and by breaking the STVR Bylaw, he is inadvertently breaking the Bylaw that prohibit running a business out of your unit.  Can someone who is breaking so many Bylaws run for office?  We haven't notified him that we are aware of how many Bylaws he is breaking - yet.  We have created a new fine structure for this particular Rule Violation and it is still at the attorney's office being reviewed for legality. 

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On 1/30/2023 at 3:16 PM, Guest Kim E. said:

Can someone who is breaking so many Bylaws run for office? 

Yes, unless your own rules prohibit it.  Per the rules in RONR, there are no restrictions on members voting or running for office unless their rights have been suspended through disciplinary action or due to violating one of your own rules which makes violation of the rule a disqualification for running for office, voting, etc.  Merely being delinquent in dues or behaving in a way that irritates other members or even violates bylaw provisions does not, in and of itself, restrict any of a member's rights, including the right to attend meetings, to debate, to vote, to run for office, etc.  Any such disqualification would have to be in your own bylaws.

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