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Can club member using Robers Rules view an attendance sheet from previous year?


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On 3/20/2023 at 4:46 PM, DChamp said:

I'm asking to see an attendance sheet from a previous year, and while it hasn't been denied, there's debate about whether it's an open document like meeting minutes.

Thanks in advance,

Dave C.

RONR does not specifically address "attendance sheets".  However, if this record is usually attached to the minutes or is routinely kept by the secretary, I think it might fall into the category of "records of the secretary" even though it is not specifically mentioned in Section 47:33, 47:35 or 47:36.  Others may be of the opinion that since it is not specifically mentioned, it is not such a record.  Regardless of whether RONR considers it to be such a record of the secretary if the organization is incorporated, state law might have a provision granting members the right to inspect such a record.   Also, regardless of whether it is such a record that members have the right to inspect it, the assembly can order the secretary to permit a member (or members) to examine it.

If you have access to RONR (12th ed.), you might look at the sections I referenced above. 

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