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Appeal vs Point of Order

Guest Rob

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A Point of Order is an assertion that the rules of order are not being followed.  Whenever a member notices that the rules are not being followed (unless minor) it is proper to raise a point of order, which calls the matter to the attention of the presiding officer.

Once a point of order has been raised, the chair considers the claim, and then issues a ruling, saying that the point is either well taken, and whatever was done wrong is fixed, to the extent possible, or that the point is not well taken, which means the chair does not agree with the point being raised, and so no remedy is needed.  The chair explains the reasons for the ruling in either case, and this is recorded in the minutes.

But the chair is not the last word on the matter--the assembly is.  If someone believes that the ruling of the chair was wrongly decided, they can raise an Appeal by saying "I appeal from the decision of the chair", and if someone seconds it, the question is decided by a vote of the assembly.

Some abbreviated debate is usually allowed, and then the question is put "Shall the decision of the chair be sustained?".   It takes a majority of No votes to overrule the chair's decision.

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