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membership suspended

Guest JDStackpole

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Guest H.Wm.Mountcastle

An association is free to remove a member, using due process of course, whether that person has committed a crime or not. It is also free to let criminals remain as members.

I suspect the American Association of Axe Murders is filled with crimina"

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Could be - but that may be part of what "due process" is all about.

Any disciplinary procedures the society undertakes - prior to "dismiss/suspending" the member - is independent of the legal "crime" processes of the"

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Guest Kim Goldsworthy


>>Is this not an infringement on "innocent until proven guilty"? <<

kg: No.

It is the SAME THING. That is the very purpose of the TRIAL. At the end of the trial, there is a vote on guilty vs. not guilty.


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