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How many Questions can the chair hear. AND can I person ask two questions at once?

Guest John

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1. Is there a maximum amount of questions a chair can hear during questioning?

2. Can a member ask two questions at once?

1. No limit.

I assume the questions are all germane.

If not germane, then only germane questions are appropriate depending on the subject under discussion, i.e., the pending motion.

2. That depends on the context.

I can imagine a relevant follow up question being asked immediately after a primary question - just as reporters do, when doing post-game interviews, or when doing press conferences with politicians. Nothing wrong with that, assuming the questions are related.

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As for the two questions, I'd also add that if both questions are realted, then yes they should be allowed at the same time - for example, "Mr. Chairman, I'd like to ask when will the project would begin, and how long should it take to complete?" Two questions - the date the project begins, and secondly the length of time.

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