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Chairman second?

Guest Deb Daisay

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In a Board of three members, an executive session motion was made to remove the third member of the Board due to inappropriate conduct. Can the Chair second a motion? Can he make the motion?

Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR 10th ed.) has a subset of rules for "small boards and committees" where . . .

(a.) no seconds are necessary.

(b.) the chair does make motions.

You have a three-member board. That is less than the "about of dozen" RONR describes where the subset of rules would apply.

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In a "small board" (three counts as "small") seconds to motions are not required. RONR p. 470.

But whether the two of you can "remove" the third member via a "motion" -- remove from what? -- is something your bylaws will have to answer. Check them carefully - you can be sure your third member will be doing so.

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