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Executive Board or the membership

Guest Greg

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I would like to confirm if the membership is allowed to require the Executive Board to vote by roll call?

Our bylaws do not specifically address this issue, nor does our Constitution.

Consider it confirmed.

"... the society's assembly can give the board instructions which it must carry out..." - RONR(10th ed.), p. 466, l. 10-12.

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I owuld suggest that amending the by-laws would be the better route. That way the Board would always be obligated to have a roll call. The main advantage of a roll call is that a Board member can get up and say how they voted on a particular motion and if he/she voted according to the wishes of the general membership he/she may get re-elected. Otherwise, it will be time to vote in Board members who will act according to the wished of the general membership.

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Would they do that by adopting an ordinary main motion by majority vote, or as a special rule of order applying to the Board's meetings, or something more than that? (not rhetorical)?

• If instructions to COMMITTEES are adopted by majority vote; and

• If a board is an instrumentality of the society's full assembly; then

• It probably takes a majority vote to instruct a lesser body, since the rule is not binding on the organization itself, but only binding on a committee or board (or officer).

In theory, one main motion could instruct:

(a.) the Dance Committee to vote via black-and-white balls;

(b.) the Finance Committee to limit debate to 9 minutes per person per opportunity;

(c.) the Executive Board to allow tertiary amendments.

And the general membership, who adopts the above motion, remains untouched by any of the brand new rules of order.

And here's the kicker:

When/If the committees are dissolved, and/or the board is eliminated from the bylaws, the special rules of order go away permanently.

No harm, no foul.

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