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Un-authorized taping of meetings

Guest george

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Is there anything in Roberts Rules of Order regarding un-authorized taping of meetings? Please advise.

A society has the right "... to control its hall while meetings are in progress..." See RONR (10th ed.), p. 625, l. 11-13.

"The use by the secretary of a tape recorder can be of great benefit in preparing the minutes, but a transcription of it should never be used as the minutes themselves." See RONR(10th ed.), p. 444, l. 5-7.

Your use of the term "un-authorized" leads me to believe that someone is taping your minutes against the will of the assembly. RONR makes no authorization or prohibition or mention of the use of a tape recorder by someone other than the secretary. The assembly could order that a tape recorder not be used in the meeting, and a motion to that effect would be a Question of Privilege affecting the assembly as a whole.

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