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Action not covered in bylaws

Guest Miles Johnson

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Well, vague as you're being, I'd only say if the bylaws (and any other governing documents, including your parliamentary authority, if you subscribe to one) don't prohibit it, and it isn't against the law, then go for it.

But if you're not asking a question about Roberts Rules of Order (which so far you haven't (I think :huh: )), which is the raison d'etre of this forum, you won't get much help here.

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If an action is not covered in the bylaws, is it considered to be approved or not approved?

"Approved"? - by whom?


Boards are powerless. If an action is "not covered" (i.e.., not allowed) per the bylaws, then board is always prohibited from doing that action.

So, in that regard, nothing the board (or any committee, or any officer) does is "approved."

Such a board may attempt to "approve" anything. But all that approval is a waste of time, if there is no authority granted to this board.

Even if Item X is "covered" in the bylaws, that fact by itself does not imply that Item X is "approved".


The bylaws may "cover" the issue of "the Treasurer is to pay bills."

But that fact, by itself, does not automatically "approve" the treasurer of paying for a $1M mansion in Beverly Hills.

It may have been "a bill." Authorization "to pay bills" may be generically granted via one's bylaws. - But those two separate pieces of the puzzle do not give carte blanche authority to the treasurer to pay for ANY bill for ANY item.

So, the sound bite answer is, "IT DEPENDS."

Q. What IS the action you speak of?

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