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Bylaw amendment voting method

David A Foulkes

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At our Annual State Convention, bylaw amendments were voted on. Nothing in bylaws or the Convention standing rules addressed the method of voting, and no motion was made regarding this. When calling for the vote, the Chair asked the delegates to raise their hands, and proceeded to count the votes. I'm not sure if this has been the custom, as this was my first time as a delegate.

I see on page 43 "sometimes in committees, or in small boards, or other very small assemblies" a show of hands is used "under certain conditions." I've yet to read about a counted raised hand vote anywhere in RONR. As for "very small assemblies", there were 23 delegates and seven Board members present.

So, all other things being equal, was this manner of voting inappropriate in any way, or perhaps simply a little excessive (in counting a raised hand vote)? yahoo-default-smileys-23.gif

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