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special election

Guest Michele

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We need to have an emergency election and I can't find out how to bypass the by-laws which say we have an election in April.

Can someone help?


Emergency meetings are not allowed unless one's bylaws provide for them.

If all you need is to hold elections, then you don't need to bypass your bylaws.

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Your title refers to a 'special election'. There is no need for specific bylaws language to authorize a mid-term election, should such an election be necessary to fill a vacancy; thus there may be no need to 'bypass' the bylaws. Mr. Goldsworthy is correct, of course, that you cannot call a special (or emergency) meeting unless your bylaws allow for special meetings. However, even if a special meeting is not possible, if the electing body has a regular meeting coming up, an election can be conducted then. Notice is required for an election.

Please give a few more details, and ask more questions, if the responses so far don't seem to address your situation.

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