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ballot voting

Guest Bradah

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It sounds like the person making the (incidental) motion to vote by ballot may have jumped the gun a little. From your description I picture member A saying, "I make a motion to blah blah blah...", member B calls out, "second!" and member C then pipes up with the motion to conduct the vote by ballot. If the original motion had not yet been stated by chair (and if no debate on the original motion had started yet), then that motion wasn't quite in the hands of the assembly yet. Therefore, the motion about method of voting was a bit premature.

However, this isn't a major flaw in procedure, and there are no parliamentary grounds to complain about it after the fact. I assume the assembly simply returned to its handling of the main motion, once the motion to vote by ballot was defeated.

A motion regarding method of voting is in order when a question is pending, and can be moved 'until, but not after, the question on another motion has been stated.' (RONR p. 273 ll. 27-28)

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I just print out her posts and put them in a notebook with a cover page "Trina's Rules of Order - Newly Revised (1st Ed.)" :rolleyes:

Geez, I sure hope not :( .

I'll admit my posts won't win prizes for brevity, but partly that's because I think back to my earlier days on this forum, when I often learned more from the longer responses than from the (sometimes perfectly accurate) 'yes' or 'no' answers. "Because some anonymous guy on the Internet said 'no'," didn't get me far in understanding a puzzling situation myself, nor was it very useful in convincing other people in the organizations I belong to.

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