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Under RONR all members are assumed to be equal, having the same rights to participate in the organization. [RONR p3] If your organization wishes to define different classes of membership, in order to limit participation, those classes must be described in the bylaws [RONR p554], and must be placed there by the normal amendment procedures contained in the bylaws.

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Our sportsman club is trying to allow only certain members the right to vote on money matters, some of us feel that all members in good standing (payed up dues) should have a say in where the club spends our dues.

Is there somewhere I can read the rules on this matter?


See page 464 in RONR tenth edition 2000:

Except in the simplest and smallest local societies, or those holding very frequent regular meetings, it is generally found advisable to provide in the bylaws for a board to be empowered to act for the society when necessary between its regular meetings, and in some cases to have complete control over certain phases of the society’s business.

Such a board is usually known as the executive board, or - in organizations where there is an executive committee within and subordinate to the board as described below - the board of directors, board of managers, or board of trustees.

Thus, in your case, you might choose to create a board via your bylaws, and authorize your board to spend money.

By default, you have no board. By default, the general membership is the supreme body of an organization.

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