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Improper motion

Guest Russ Nummer

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Our club held a general membership meeting and when the minutes of the previous meeting were read a member demanded a change.

Our club secretary received a formal response from the Regional Coordinator of our parent (national) club indicating that a complaint to the parent club regarding a member of our local club "...was not substantiated and therefore no further action was taken by the NCA (parent club)." This correspondence was read into the record and duly reflected in the minutes.

One of the members who made the original complaint to the parent club demanded that those Minutes, as read by the Secretary indicating the above communication, be changed to strike the wording of the communication, and to substitute the woding of a letter she (the complaintant) had received from an individual Board member of the parent club. Unfortunately, the group accepted the change and the ammeded Minutes were accepted by Motion.

After reading the distributed Minutes several of our members felt that, while the versions of the two letters was similar, our Minutes should only have reflected the official correspondence sent to our club secretary and that inserting the content of a private correspondence into club Minutes was inappropriate.

I've tried to research "Improper Motions" but most of what I found related to Motions made that were obviously contradictory to Bylaws or Constitution.

Can I make a Motion to Rescind or a Motion to Amend this action?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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They have the organization spend the money and get a copy of RONR an RONR In Brief, have the Secretary read up on how minutes should reflect the meeting, and offer free classes in "RONR - The Right Way" for everyone. Your meetings will go much quicker, and not only due to the considerably shorter period of time you will spend approving last meeting's minutes. :)

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