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Nominating the same slate of officers from previous year

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All board officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) have agreed to serve an additional one year term. Can these officers, as a slate, be voted as the board for another year and if so, what is the procedure for doing this.

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What do your bylaws say about election of Board officers?

As Mr. Anderson suggests, much depends on your bylaws. However, if your bylaws allow officers to serve additional terms and if, e.g., they are the nominees fo the nominating committee and if no one else is nominated from the floor and if your bylaws do not require voting by ballot, the president may declare them to have been elected.

Some on this board discourage the use fo the term 'slate' as the nominees each runs for an individual office, but I know what you meant.

(That's a lot of if's. elections can be complicated.)


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