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Amending a motion to totally change intent

Guest Bob O

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I just left a meeting it was allowed by our parliamentarian to amend a motion by totally replace all of the original motion. This was done because we require a motion to amend a bylaw to be published 90 days prior to our annual meeting. The parliamentarian said that because we were still addressing the same bylaw it was OK.

Is this correct?

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The amendment must be germane to the original motion.

See pp.129-131 for "Determining the Germaneness of an Amendment" and pp.132-133 for "Improper Amendments".

Yeah, but for a bylaws amendment, being germane isn't enough, is it? You have to stay within the scope of the notice that was given.

Just 'addressing the same bylaw,' as the original poster mentioned, is not enough to ensure that either guideline has been followed (germaneness, or staying inside the scope of notice). Perhaps Bob O will provide a bit more information...

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