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Adjournment at the call of ....

J. J.

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RONR does permit a meeting to be adjourned to meet "at the call of the chair (p. 236)," by virtue of a motion setting a meeting to adjourn until that time.

Is there any reason why the meeting could not be adjourned "at the call of Member X," or "a committee composed of X, Y, and Z?"

Unexpected - to delegate a leadership task to a non-leadership sub-body (a committee).

But the motion isn't out of order; the assembly is free to pick its criteria for calling back the members pretty much any way it wishes to call them back.

Perhaps the item of business itself is a forcing issue - e.g., to have the Building Fund Committee call the assembly back to handle the roof repair estimates and contracts when the committee has the final details all worked out, all awaiting a final signature, after a quickie rubber stamp approval, of course.

A committee might be in the best place to know (better than the chair) if a meeting is justified, or when a meeting is justified.

(Or, even where a meeting is justified. - For example, "We shall reconvene at the office of the contractor we have selected to repair our roof, to sign the contracts before the Fourth of July weekend.")

E.g., the Discipline Committee cannot very well work through the regular chairman (e.g., president), when the regular chairman is the person being suspended or expelled. The regular chairman would never call the meeting back to order; it isn't in his best interest.

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