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How many times in a given election year can an Executive Board meet? Regular meetings are twice monthly. There is nothing in the By-laws and there is at this time an argument by a member that the Board can only meet 4 (four) times in a given year. Any comments would be appreciated.

I would offer that the four times a year notion may have been an interpretation on someone's part of RONR's regular mentioning of meeting on at least a quarterly basis, and some of the issues that derive from less frequently. I take that as a sturdy guideline offered to organizations as a starting point in deciding how much more frequently they should meet.

As for "regular meetings" being held twice monthly, and there being nothing the bylaws that apparently defines when "regular meetings" are held, it seems a bit of contradiction. Perhaps semantically what you mean is that meetings are held regularly twice monthly. RONR's sample bylaws section and pages 557-558 explain a bit about how the bylaws could (or should) clarify when meetings (regular, annual, special, and so on) are held, required notice, etc.

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