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If there are 4 seats open and 4 people running for the Board...is this a legal election??

Why are you questioning this situation? Do you think there must be more candidates than seats available to be filled in order for some sort of "legality" to occur?

Actually, this sounds like a good thing. Rather than struggling to get enough warm bodies willing to serve, you've got just enough people to fill the seats, and unless your bylaws mandate ballot voting, the chair can declare the four winners by acclamation and be done with it. Oh, for an election this easy.

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If there are 4 seats open and 4 people running for the Board.

Is this a legal election??

Cora, you've got us in limbo.

S1. There are 4 seats open.

S2. There are 4 people running for (some kind of) board.

Q. Is there a relationship between S1 and S2?

What is the relationship between the 4 open seats, and the board?

Did you mean to say?:

K1. There are 4 seats open.

K2. There are 4 people running for the 4 open seats.

Also, you've only gotten to the "running" part.

You've made no mention yet of anyone doing any actual VOTING.

What do YOU think is not legitimate?

Q. Are you (or, is someone) challenging the legitimacy of the election based on the number of nominees/candidates?

Q. Is someone implying, "You cannot have a 1:1 ratio of candidates to open offices"?

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