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"New Business" not on meeting agenda

Guest ShirleySchmidt28

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Guest ShirleySchmidt28

Our club president is not following an agenda as perscribed in our Standing Rules. Last meeting a member attempted to bring up "new business," and was told that "there is no new business" which was not listed on the printed agenda -- really it is a list of items to report and announcements. Yet at the board meeting a contribution item was brought up to bring to the club meeting. There was no action taken on it at the board meeting. It seemed perfectly legal to bring it as new business to the club membersship. Next week we intend to take it to the board again and request an action be taken to go forward to the membership.

The president says that there will be "new business" only a few times during the year. Our Standing Rules list it as being on each club meeting's agenda.

How can we require the president to follow our Standing Rules?

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