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Power of the assembly

Guest Brittany

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Here is our dilemma:

According to our constitution, if an officer cannot fulfill the required term, it is up to the executive board to decide whether they remain in office for the time being, or are replaced with someone who can fulfill the term.

In our first meeting, our President (the one which we were voting on) brought up this vote. The outcome was he remained as President but the way in which the motion was worded confused many people. Also, we have never made a decision concerning someone with them present in the room.

As Vice President it is my job to listen to the concerns of the executive board and report them to the President. 11 of our 12 executive board members later requested to have a re-count on our third meeting. The 12th member abstained from sharing their opinion on the matter due to a conflict of interest. We are requesting to have the vote be done on anonymous ballets. Our President is saying that we cannot request a "re-vote" because during his tenure he has turned down a "re-vote" prior. The only situation that I recall the executive board denying was a request for a recount because it would not have changed the outcome of the decision so it was dismissed. This issue is not personal, but he is claiming it is unlawful and that the only thing we can do is request impeachment before the general assembly. However, our concern is not in his ability to perform his job, it is in his inability to serve out the term.

My question is, is their anything we as a majority can do to re-surface this issue? If he is claiming that we cannot request a re-vote (their isn't anything in our constitution concerning this), can we motion to suspend a rule? Also, the general assembly was informed of this decision, would we need the majority vote of the gen assembly even though the matter is strictly executive board as per our constitution?

Please help! Thank you,


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Any main motion that is defeated can be made again at a new session (RONR, p. 322ff) and a ballot may be used anytime secrecy is desired. This might be a case where any member can demand a vote by ballot......I personally think it is such a case.

We can't tell you the delineation of powers between the Board and your membership. It requires interpreting your rules, which we're not allowed to do here.

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